Service-Numbers in Serbia

General Information
Country code:
Regulatory authority:
RATEL - Republic Telecommunication Agency (
Available rate categories:
National Freephone, Premium Rate
Available tariff types:
Minute based, Call based
0800 - Freephone Number
Number ranges:
Network availability :
Fixed telephony, Mobile telephony
per minute: 0,00 RSD
Permitted services:
Business Services, Customer Care
Prohibited services:
Entertainment, Gambling, Dialer
Premium Rate Number
Number ranges:
Per minute:

0901-0/1/2/8 (entertainment)

090-00/20 (marketing)

0906-2/4 (Adult)

Per call

0901-7 (marketing)

0906-5 (Adult)
Network availability:
Fixed telephony, Mobile telephony
Per minute: 36 – 120 RSD

Per call: 120 – 360 RSD
Permitted services:
Business Services, Customer Care, Entertainment, Payment
Prohibited services:
Gambling, Dialer
High spender limit:
Adult services may only be operated with the minute-based 86 RSD and the event-based 360 RSD.

max. 10 min. / call for minute based rates

max. 60 sec. / call for call based rates

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